Selected Writings on
Art and Design

“The Ontographic Turn: From Cubism to the Surrealist Object”
Open Philosophy, Special Issue:“Object Oriented Ontology and its Critics” 2,1, 2019, pp.384–398.

On the Edibility of Theatres”
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“Paranoiac Critical Interiorisations”
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The Nearness of Texture: Apparent depth in the Oil Paintings of Velásquez and Vermeer”
11th Congress, of the International Colour Association, University of NSW
Conference paper:

“On the origin of the architect”
Interstices - Journal of Architecture and Related Arts , 17, 2017pp.9-15.

“Xenia in Vitruvius’ Greek house”
The Journal of Architecture. Royal Institute of British Architects, Vol 20, Number 5, 2015, pp.868-883.